MotivationFinder™ Individual

For individuals and solo-entrepreneurs.

$59.95 / per assessment

Discover exactly what you need to motivate yourself. Realize your full potential in your life, work and relationships through the power of self-motivation.

  • Understand why you do the things you do
  • Reveal what success truly means for YOU
  • Harness the power of your motives to achieve insane goals
  • Uncover your hidden and costly self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Learn what you need most from your relationships

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What You'll Create

Here are 21 powerful ways that MotivationFinder™ can help you reach your full potential in your life, work, and relationships.

  • Understand why you do the things you do
  • Learn what you want your life to add up to in the end
  • Discover what you desire, more than anything else, from your life
  • Reveal what gives you the most energy
  • Reveal what drains most of your energy
  • Uncover hidden potential
  • Find self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Harness the power of your motives to achieve insane goals
  • Beat procrastination without will-power or discipline
  • Posses the ability to control your behavior in any way you choose and under any circumstance
  • See what gives you the greatest chance to succeed
  • Learn to crush any task or project, no matter how difficult
  • Develop empathy and awareness
  • Understand what you need most from your work

  • Know exactly what you need from your relationships to feel accepted, understood, and fulfilled
  • Learn to accept and celebrate yourself as you are
  • Reveal your emotional triggers
  • Develop kindess and understanding towards yourself and others
  • Discover exactly what the people you care about most need
  • Learn how to give the best gifts
  • Gain the ability to ask for what you want and need

What You'll Get

MotivationFinder™ is not just a PDF report with some graphs, here's everything you get:

4 PDF reports (Full Results, Motivational Key, Intrinsic Motivators, and Results Summary)
Unlimited access to online portal

MotivationFinder™ is so much more than a PDF get unlimited access to your results, the MotivationFinder™ software, and more.

You'll have everything you need to reach your full potential in your life, work, and relationships.

  • Your Comprehensive MotivationFinder™ Report (PDF) with results, scores, and guidance for your 18 motives, 36 desires, 3 satisfaction levels, and 2 goal dynamics.
  • Your Intrinsic Motivators Report (PDF), a brief but powerful report that shows you exactly what intrinsically motivates YOU.
  • Your Personal Motivational Key (PDF) to use as a key and blueprint for your behavior and actions.
  • Your Results Summary Report (PDF) to use as a handy reference for a quick summary of all your results.
  • Ability to link and compare your results with a friend, partner, spouse, family member, or colleague to better understand that person and to see how you compare to each other. Link your results with as many people as you’d like.
  • An online course with ten lessons to walk you through YOUR individual results to help you understand them and learn how to use them.
  • Lifetime access to the MotivationFinder™ Software Portal. You don’t just get a PDF report with MotivationFinder™, you also get a full software portal where you can view, share and compare, and learn how to use your results.
  • Lifetime access to the ongoing Satisfaction Level Survey. You can take the Satisfaction Level Survey every few months to monitor your satisfaction levels over time to see whether they are going up, or down, and to find advice on what you can do to increase them.
  • Dynamic focus areas that highlight parts of your results that need extra close attention – Conflicted Motives, Dominated Motives, Primary Desires, Dormant Desires, Reluctant Action Taker, Relentless Action Taker, and more.

You also get these four advanced, bonus strategies to help you put your results to use in your life, career, and relationships:

1. The Chariot Strategy for Goal Achievement

Learn how to use your motives and desires to effortlessly pull you towards achieving the goals you set for yourself.

2. The Desire Parliament for Decision Making

Learn how to use your motives and desires to make better decisions, especially decisions you feel conflicted over or unsure about.

3. Body-Readiness for Behavioral Change

Learn how to use the states of Body-Readiness to modify your unwanted behavior around certain situations, places, or people.

4. Further Questions for

Dive deep into your results with self-reflection questions created by certified ontological

How it Works

100% Risk Free

Our “We Deliver What is Promised” Guarantee: Try MotivationFinder™ for a full 30-days, 100% Risk Free

Do other assessments guarantee they will be accurate, or useful, or deliver meaningful results?

Well, we do. We’ve spent over two years pouring everything we have into creating, validating, and refining MotivationFinder™ to make sure it delivers accurate results that you can immediately use in your life, your work, and your relationships.

That’s why we want to give you 30 days to let you digest your results, integrate them into your daily life, and make sure they are truly beneficial for you.

Take the assessment and review your full results. 30 days is more than enough time to review everything and then decide. If you don’t LOVE it, then we insist that you get 100% of your money back. We’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

Why would we offer such an unbeatable guarantee? Because one of our core company values is to deliver what is promised.

It’s simple: If for any reason, within the first 30 days, you’re not satisfied with MotivationFinder™ we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us that you completed the “Use Your Results” online course and tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with MotivationFinder™, so we have a chance to make it better.

Proven and Scientifically Validated

MotivationFinder™ is a scientifically validated psychometric tool based on empirically proven psychological theory, and developed over a period of two years using elite psychometric standards.


MotivationFinder™ is proven to measure exactly what it claims to measure - your individual motives, satisfaction levels, and personal goal dynamics.


Your MotivationFinder™ results are reliable, consistent, and stable, they will not change over time.


MotivationFinder™ is objective and is not affected by external influences or differences.


MotivationFinder™ is analyzed and refined with every 500 completed assessments.

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Discover exactly what you need to motivate yourself, your team, your clients, and your employees.

Introducing MotivationFinder™ - the only proven and scientifically validated assessment that measures exactly what a person needs to be self-motivated.

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