Introducing a proven assessment you can use to create measurable change for your clients while dramatically boosting your coaching business
(Without certification requirements, required purchases, or following a strict “one-size-fits-all” formula)

If you want to create change for your clients while boosting sessions and growing your business, then this assessment might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Because you have an opportunity right now to discover a blueprint to your clients’ behavior you can use to lead them to the transformation you’ve promised them.

And unlike all the other assessments out there, you can use this assessment as a tool to grow your business and expand your impact. Without any certification requirements, without following a rigid formula, and without any required purchases.

In fact, if it sounds appealing to you, you can even use this assessment as a foundation to build a signature coaching program that includes your methods, your techniques, and your expertise.


It all comes down to behavior and actions. As a coach, you must create change for your clients.

And the only way to do this is to first understand their behavior and then point them towards actions that result in the transformation they crave.

Now, we know there are plenty of assessments out there promising to help you with this very thing.

But there’s just one problem, they measure the WHAT of your client. They expose some personality traits and put people in boxes by saying “you are a THIS” or “you are a THAT.”

These other assessments completely miss the most critical aspects needed to bring your client to real change…

They miss the WHY and the HOW.

Beneath every behavior and every action lies one thing, a motive.

And like a fingerprint, every single person has their own unique and intricate motivational structure that is unchangeable and a core part of who they are.

Or, as we like to say, WHY they are.

Motives make meaning in our lives. When we get out of bed each morning, our daily actions are all trying to do one thing – satisfy our unique motives.

When we can, we feel good. When we can’t, we suffer.

Understanding your clients’ motives gives you the power to understand what they want and need most from their lives, and a personalized key on how to motive them.

That’s a powerful thing.

So powerful, that it can be used for all types of coaching, including life coaching, business coaching, group coaching, career counseling, marriage counseling, hiring processes, team combination, retention and motivation, outplacement, fitness/health coaching and more.

If you want to create measurable change for your clients while boosting your business, then today is a good day to be you.

Introducing MotivationFinder™

Introducing MotivationFinder™, a scientifically validated assessment and simple software tool that gives you everything you need to understand the WHY of your clients’ behavior and HOW to motivate them towards the change they desire.

Here’s what MotivationFinder™ can do for you today…

Unlock the mystery of your clients’ behavior and see exactly what they want

Unlock the mystery of your clients’ behavior and see exactly what they want. For each client you'll get their Intrisic Motivators, Results Summary, and Motivational Key.

Boost number of sessions

Get a step-by-step course that walks you through the sessions needed to walk and coach a person through their results.

Uncover self-sabotaging behaviors

See their conflicted and dominated motives and their primary and dormant desires to uncover self-sabotaging behaviors.

Show concrete proof of change

Use the Satisfaction Levels Survey at the start of your coaching engagement and then every three months to show concrete measures of your coaching success.

Build trusting relationships

MotivationFinder™ enables you to deliver scientifically valid and reliable assessment results into your clients’ hands.

Learn how to best communicate with each individual client

See exactly which motives to appeal to when communicating with and motivating each individual client.

How the Assessment Works

MotivationFinder™ begins with your clients (either individuals or members of a team) taking a 15 to 25-minute assessment.

The assessment then measures 59 dimensions that reveal a person’s:

  • Complete internal Motivational Structure – Exactly what intrinsically motivates them across 18 motives and 36 desires.
    • Achievement (Acceptance/Growth)
    • Affiliation (Solitude/Community)
    • Altruism (Self-Orientation/Selflessness)
    • Competition (Co-Operation/Winning)
    • Contact (Distance/Connection)
    • Flexibility (Fixed/Flexible)
    • Freedom (Reliance/Autonomy)
    • Idealism (Realistic/Idealistic)
    • Innovation (Traditional/Innovative)
    • Knowledge (Practical/Intellectual)
    • Leadership (Implementing/Leading)
    • Material Security (Frugal/Generous)
    • Movement (Sedentary/Active)
    • Principles (Interpretation/Steadfast)
    • Recognition (Inner-Validation/Appreciation)
    • Risk (Caution/Adventure)
    • Status (Modest/Prestigious)
    • Structure (Relaxed/Organized)
  • Current Satisfaction Levels – Precisely how well their deepest psychological needs are being met, based on the self-determination theory needs of Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness.
  • Goal Dynamics – How they go about achieving goals in the face of obstacles or setbacks and their personal goal achievement “style.”

How the Software Works

MotivationFinder™ is not just an assessment, it is a complete software tool to help you in your coaching business:

Once at least two assessments have been completed you can use the MotivationFinder™ software tool to:

  • Review your clients' results. For each person you’ll get a Motivational Key, an Intrinsic Motivators report, and a Results Summary.
  • Manage clients, send assessments, review results and more, all from the coach dashboard.
  • Group people together into teams and see their aggregated results and individual results side-by-side (e.g. for teams or couples).
  • See the overall Satisfaction Levels of a team.
  • Create motivational profiles for open positions within your coaching practice and match with applicant results.
  • BONUS Complete the free, step-by-step course that shows you how to use MotivationFinder™ to support your client with a proven strategy to create lasting change.

The Science and Psychology Behind MotivationFinder™

We spent over two years working with a team of PhD psychologists and psychometricians, programmers, data scientists, and coaches to develop MotivationFinder™.

The MotivationFinder™ assessment is based on empirically proven psychological theory and has been scientifically validated using elite psychometric standards.

Provide value to your clients from the first moment

MotivationFinder™ enables you to provide immediate value to your clients.

Because each client that takes the assessment gets their own individual access to their results.

And it is not just a PDF, it's access to an entire portal full of tools and information. Here’s everything your employees and applicants will get when they complete the assessment:

  • Their Comprehensive 61-page MotivationFinder™ Report (PDF) with results, scores, and guidance for their 18 motives, 36 desires, 3 satisfaction levels, and 2 goal dynamics.
  • Their Intrinsic Motivators Report (PDF), a brief but powerful report that shows exactly what intrinsically motivates THEM.
  • Their Personal Motivational Key (PDF) to use as a key and blueprint for their behavior and actions.
  • Their Results Summary Report (PDF) to use as a handy reference for a quick summary of all their results.
  • Ability to re-take the Satisfaction Level Survey every three months to monitor change.
  • Ability to link and compare their results with a friend, partner, spouse, family member, or colleague to better understand that person and to see how they compare to each other. They can link their results with as many people as they would like.
  • Online course with ten lessons to walk them through THEIR individual results to help them understand them and learn how to use them.
  • Lifetime access to the MotivationFinder™ Software Portal. They don’t just get a PDF report with MotivationFinder™, they also get a full software portal where they can view, share and compare, and learn how to use their results.
  • Lifetime access to the ongoing Satisfaction Level Survey. They can take the Satisfaction Level Survey every few months to monitor their satisfaction levels over time to see whether they are going up, or down, and to find advice on what they can do to increase them.
  • Dynamic focus areas that highlight parts of their results that need extra close attention – Conflicted Motives, Dominated Motives, Primary Desires, Dormant Desires, Reluctant Action Taker, Relentless Action Taker, and more.

They also get these extra bonuses:

  • BONUS: Desire Parliament for Decision Making (advanced strategy + case study) – They will learn how to use their motives and desires to make better decisions, especially decisions they feel conflicted over or unsure about.
  • BONUS: The Chariot Strategy for Goal Achievement (advanced strategy + case study) – They will learn how to use their motives and desires to effortlessly pull them towards achieving their goals, no matter how difficult or impossible those goals might seem.
  • BONUS: Body-Readiness for Behavioral Change (advanced strategy + case study) – They will learn how to use the states of Body-Readiness to modify their unwanted behavior in certain situations or environments, or around certain people.
  • BONUS: Further Questions for Self-Reflection – They can dive deep into their results with self-reflection questions created by certified ontological coaches.

Q. Sandy asked, “How is this assessment different from any of the other assessments out there?”

A. Most assessments try to tell you “WHAT you are” by revealing some part of your personality. The results you get say things like “you are this” or “you are that” or “you are unique because.”

In other words, they put you in a well-defined box, and then tell you what you probably already knew about yourself. Our experience with this type of assessment is that you look at the report, shrug your shoulders and then put it in a drawer and never look at it again.

MotivationFinder™ is different because it measures “WHY you are.” Why you behave the way you do, why you want the things you want, why you need what you need, and when it comes down to it, WHY why you get out of bed each morning and what you ultimately want out of your life.

With MotivationFinder™, you get a key to unlocking the mystery of your behavior and a blueprint for putting your results to use in your life, work, and relationships.

Q. Pete asked, “Has MotivationFinder™ been proven? I mean, is it accurate?”

A. Yes! We spent over two years working with a team of PhD psychologists and psychometricians, programmers, data scientists, and coaches to develop MotivationFinder™.

MotivationFinder™ is based on empirically proven psychological theory and has been scientifically validated using elite psychometric standards.

Q. Scott asked, “What is the monthly or yearly cost for the MotivationFinder™ software?”

A. Zero! You pay only for the MotivationFinder™ assessments you need and only when you need them. We do not charge or require a monthly subscription fee to use the software itself.

Our goal is simple pricing that puts you in control.

Q. Marc asked, “I really want this, but I want to make sure we are safe. How exactly does your guarantee work?”

A. One of our core company values is to deliver what is promised. That’s why we offer our UNBEATABLE “We Deliver What is Promised” guarantee, one that no other assessment dares to offer. You get 30 days to fully digest your results and put them to use. If you don’t LOVE it, then we insist you get 100% of your money back. We’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

If for any reason, within the first 30 days, you’re not satisfied with MotivationFinder™ we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us that you completed the “Use MotivationFinder™ in Your Coaching Practice” online course and tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with MotivationFinder™, so we have a chance to make it better.

Q. Megan asked, “How long does it take to complete the MotivationFinder™ assessment and when are the results available?”

A. Both you and your clients get instant, full access to the results the moment they finish the assessment questionnaire.

The assessment takes between 15 and 25 minutes to complete. Unlike other assessments, the questionnaire is highly optimized and user-friendly, and the questions are fun to think about and answer, so once you get started, you’ll find yourself sailing through and you’ll be done before you know it.

You will get an email notification when a client finishes an assessment so you can login to the portal and view their results right away.

Our “We Deliver What is Promised” Guarantee: Try MotivationFinder™ for a full 30-days, 100% Risk Free

Do other assessments guarantee they will be accurate, or useful, or deliver meaningful results?

Well, we do. We’ve spent over two years pouring everything we have into creating, validating, and refining the MotivationFinder™ assessment and software to make sure it helps deliver change for your clients.

That’s why we want to give you 30 days to use MotivationFinder™, integrate it into your coaching practice, and make sure it is delivering massive value.

Assign assessments and use the software. 30 days is more than enough time to review everything and then decide. If you don’t LOVE it, then we insist that you get 100% of your money back for every assessment you purchased. We’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

Why would we offer such an unbeatable guarantee? Because one of our core company values is to deliver what is promised.

It’s simple: If for any reason, within the first 30 days, you’re not satisfied with MotivationFinder™ we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us that you and at least one client took the assessment, that you completed the “Use MotivationFinder™ in Your Coaching Practice” course and tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with MotivationFinder™, so we have a chance to make it better.

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Case Study: How Dave went from chasing his client for sessions to having his client beg for 3 sessions a week

The Problem

Dave was struggling to book sessions with one of his clients. After a strong start and some early breakthroughs, their sessions together had started to dwindle. The client would schedule a session and then not show up or put off even scheduling sessions for weeks at a time.

As a result, his client’s progress had stalled, and they were no closer to the change his client had hired Dave to help him with.

This all changed when Dave discovered the Coach version of MotivationFinder™. Dave sent his client the link to take the assessment, which he took almost immediately (out of curiosity).

The Discovery

Here’s what Dave discovered:

  1. His client had several, critical Dominated Motives that were operating as “tyrants” over him, controlling and sabotaging his behavior.
  2. His client also had several Conflicted Motives that were causing inconsistent behavior.
  3. A step-by-step methodology for coaching his client through his results.

Dave now had a detailed motivational key to understanding his client’s behavior and knew exactly where the problem areas were. He had a practical way to help his client change his behavior in order to achieve his goals.

Dave was able to use the step-by-step coaching methodology that came with MotivationFinder™ to coach his client through the results over several sessions.

In short, Michael was motivated to win, to get their business to win, even if it meant uncomfortable conversations and possibly sacrificing a business relationship.

The Results

The assessment results, and the immediate “wins”, resonated so deeply with the client that he went from avoiding Dave to booking three sessions a week.

"It gave me the key to unlock the mystery of my client’s behavior AND a step-by-step process."

Case Study: How Susan avoided hiring the person everyone loved and sounded perfect for the job, but would have been a disaster…

The Problem

Susan’s thriving coaching practice was growing fast. With five full time employees, frequent live events, and her premium group coaching program, her office was a whirlwind of things to do, details to manage, and clients to keep happy.

It was time to hire an office manager.

But how to choose the best person, the best fit, for the position and for her team?

The Discovery

Susan decided to use the coach version of MotivationFinder™ to do the following:

  1. To discover the motivational profile of her current employees and company as a whole.
  2. To create a desired motivational profile for the office manager position – the top motives and desires that would be best for the position.
  3. To require applicants to take MotivationFinder™ and then match their results to the motivational profile of the company and the position.

She discovered her company was full of innovative, creative people who had little desire for organization and structure. This explained the chaotic whirlwind in her office.

Susan decided that the office manager would need to be the opposite of her team in several critical areas, in the desire to be organized, to be traditional, for implementing, and to be frugal. She then created a motivational profile with these traits for the position in the Hiring module in MotivationFinder™.

After posting an ad for an Office Manager, applicants began to roll in and one stood out from the pack.

She appeared to be highly qualified and was called in for an interview. Susan loved her straight away, they got along well, and when she introduced her to the rest of the team, they all adored her.

There was just one problem, when the applicant took MotivationFinder™, it turned out that her motivational profile fit in well with the team, but did not match the position at all. She had a low desire to be organized, a high desire to be flexible, a low desire to be frugal, and a high desire to be innovative.

The Results

In short, she was just like everyone in the company already, which is why she felt so right. But the position required the exact opposite.

Susan kept searching until she found the person perfect for what the position required.

"I don’t have to guess about who to hire anymore. I know who will be a good fit and who won’t."

Case Study: How Sherri created a step-by-step coaching framework with concrete and measurable results for her clients

The Problem

Sherri was a trained and certified life coach. She had spent countless hours learning how to coach but found herself struggling with exactly what to coach.

Her coaching engagements always began with a bang, her unique coaching questions were often eye-opening and immediately beneficial for her clients. But after those first few sessions, Sherri had trouble figuring out where to go or what to do next. And she had an especially hard time measuring and proving the impact of her coaching.

She decided she needed a specific coaching framework that would take each of her clients through a process of discovery and most importantly would show them the progress they had made.

The Discovery

MotivationFinder™ turned out to be the perfect foundation and tool for helping Sherri…

  1. Create a 12-week coaching process to take a client through their results.
  2. Co-create specific homework and individualized assignments with each client.
  3. Show a client exactly how much their overall life and work satisfaction had increased through the satisfaction level scores and ongoing survey.

Sherri still began each coaching engagement with her coaching questions, but now added having her clients take the MotivationFinder™ assessment.

From there she began a specific and individualized process for guiding a client through their results. At the end of 12 weeks the client would take the Satisfaction Levels survey again and they would compare their results from the beginning with those after 12 weeks to see with their own eyes, the amount of progress made.

The Results

Sherri now had a step-by-step framework to guide her clients through. There was no more guessing about what to do next and concrete proof of progress and change.

"I know exactly where to take each client next."

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