About Us

Leadership Team

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Nicola E. Vetter

Chief Executive Officer /

Nicola's WHY: To connect people and their ideas to the world so they can create a life that matters.

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Peter R. Axtell

Chief Business Development Officer / Co-Founder

Peter's WHY: To help people discover their central purpose, do what they love and live a fulfilled life.

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Christopher Wayne

Chief Technology Officer /

Chris' WHY: To transform confusion into clarity in order to bring joy and opportunity to others.

The Story and the Team

MotivationFinder™ is a joint-effort between Pathwise Publishing, LLC in Denver, USA and Permitto GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany. We are a mixed team with backgrounds in psychology, data science, programming, and coaching. Our common ground is motivational theory, ontological coaching, and systemic-constructivist consulting.

MotivationFinder™ was developed over a period of two years, is based on empirically proven psychological theory and has been scientifically validated using elite psychometric standards.


Discover exactly what you need to motivate yourself, your team, your clients, and your employees.

Introducing MotivationFinder™ - the only proven and scientifically validated assessment that measures exactly what a person needs to be self-motivated.

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