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How is MotivationFinder™ different from any of the other assessments out there?

Most assessments try to tell you "WHAT you are" by revealing some part of your personality. The results you get say things like "you are this" or "you are that" or "you are unique because."

In other words, they put you in a well-defined box, and then tell you what you probably already knew about yourself. Our experience with this type of assessment is that you look at the report, shrug your shoulders and then put it in a drawer and never look at it again.

MotivationFinder™ is different because it measures "WHY you are." Why you behave the way you do, why you want the things you want, why you need what you need, and when it comes down to it, WHY why you get out of bed each morning and what you ultimately want out of your life.

With MotivationFinder™, you get a key to unlocking the mystery of your behavior and a blueprint for putting your results to use in your life, work, and relationships.

Has MotivationFinder™ been proven? Is it scientifically validated?

Yes! We spent over two years working with a team of PhD psychologists and psychometricians, programmers, data scientists, and coaches to develop MotivationFinder™.

MotivationFinder™ is based on empirically proven psychological theory and has been scientifically validated using elite psychometric standards.

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How exactly does your guarantee work?

One of our core company values is to deliver what is promised. That’s why we offer our UNBEATABLE "We Deliver What is Promised" guarantee, one that no other assessment dares to offer. You get 30 days to fully digest your results and put them to use. If you don’t LOVE it, then we insist you get 100% of your money back. We’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

It’s simple: If for any reason, within the first 30 days, you’re not satisfied with MotivationFinder™ we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Please show us that you used the assessment and software and tell us the main reason you weren’t happy with MotivationFinder™, so we have a chance to make it better.

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How long does it take to complete the MotivationFinder™ assessment and when are the results available?

The assessment takes between 15 and 25 minutes to complete. Unlike other assessments, the questionnaire is highly optimized and user-friendly, and the questions are fun to think about and answer, so once you get started, you’ll find yourself sailing through and you’ll be done before you know it.

Results are available the instant the assessment is complete.

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How is the Individual version of MotivationFinder™ different from the Coach and Organization versions?

The Individual version is for an individual person to discover, understand, and use their own results. If you are a person or solo-entrepreneur who wants to use it for yourself and to compare with a few other people, then the Individual version is right for you.

The Coach version is for a coach to use with their clients and includes modules that a coach can use to add and manage clients, view client results, add and manage teams, view aggregated team results, and for hiring. The Coach version also works well for a coaching practice that has employees. If you are a single-practitioner coach or a coach with employees, then the Coach version is right for you.

The Organization version is for an organization to use with their employees, teams, departments, and applicants. It includes modules to add and manage employees, view employee results, add and manage teams, view aggregated team results, for hiring, and for viewing aggregated results across the entire organization. If you are a startup with multiple founders and/or employees or any type of organization with employees, then the Organization version is right for you.

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What is the monthly or yearly cost for the MotivationFinder™ software?

Zero! You pay only for the MotivationFinder™ assessments you need and only when you need them. The Invidiual version is $59.95 per assessment. The Coach version is $79.95 per assessment. And the Organization version is $99.95 per assessment. We do not charge or require a monthly subscription fee to use the software itself.

Our goal is simple pricing that puts you in control.

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How do I go through the questionnaire?

MotivationFinder™ presents a number of items or questions for you to rate or answer. As you complete an item, you will automatically move to the next item. Even though we recommend you take the self-assessment in one go for best results.

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What shall I take into consideration when answering the questions?

Just answer the questions how you feel in general. More important is that you are relaxed and not in a rush when answering the questions. And don’t think long and hard. The first intuitive answer is often the one closest to who you are.

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Are there good and bad answers?

No. Just like a fingerprint can’t be good or bad, the same is true for your answers. Your answers reflect what you care about which is stable over a lifetime and where you have a current need that might not be quite fulfilled yet. In life everybody has their struggles at some point. That’s what it means to be alive. Anything you might consider less than perfect, only makes you human and beautiful. We are all a “work in progress.”

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Can I game the system and fake my responses?

No, MotivationFinder™ is designed in a way that you can’t game it.

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Can anyone take the MotivationFinder™ self-assessment?

No. MotivationFinder™ is intended for use with and validated for individuals aged 18 and above.

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What does the MotivationFinder™ self-assessment measure?

MotivationFinder™ measures your motives and desires, your current satisfaction levels and how you approach goals which together make up the largest part of your personality. It doesn’t measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health or values. MotivationFinder™ describes what you are driven to do and why and how you are likely to behave.

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Discover exactly what you need to motivate yourself, your team, your clients, and your employees.

Introducing MotivationFinder™ - the only proven and scientifically validated assessment that measures exactly what a person needs to be self-motivated.

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