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MotivationFinder™ Enterprise

Here's what you get:

Full access to the MotivationFinder™ Enterprise online software platform, which you can use to:

  • Add and remove clients
  • Send and assign assessments
  • View employee and applicant results (Motivational Key, Intrinsic Motivators, and Results Summary)
  • Create unlimited teams for departments and groups
  • Add and remove team members
  • View combined team results
  • Create Motivational Profiles for open positions
  • Match applicants to position profiles

Here's everything you, your employees, and applicants get when they take the assessment and view their individual results:

  • Comprehensive MotivationFinder™ Report (PDF) with results, scores, and guidance for their 18 motives, 36 desires, 3 satisfaction levels, and 2 goal dynamics.
  • Your Intrinsic Motivators Report (PDF), a brief but powerful report that shows exactly what intrinsically motivates THEM.
  • Personal Motivational Key (PDF) to use as a key and blueprint for their behavior and actions.
  • Results Summary Report (PDF) to use as a handy reference for a quick summary of all their results.
  • Ability to link and compare their results with a friend, partner, spouse, family member, or colleague to better understand that person and to see how they compare to each other. Link your results with as many people as you’d like.
  • An online course with ten lessons to walk them through THEIR individual results to help them understand them and learn how to use them.
  • Lifetime access to the MotivationFinder™ Software Portal. They don’t just get a PDF report with MotivationFinder™, they also get a full software portal where they can view, share and compare, and learn how to use their results.
  • Lifetime access to the ongoing Satisfaction Level Survey. They can take the Satisfaction Level Survey every few months to monitor their satisfaction levels over time to see whether they are going up, or down, and to find advice on what they can do to increase them.
  • Dynamic focus areas that highlight parts of their results that need extra close attention – Conflicted Motives, Dominated Motives, Primary Desires, Dormant Desires, Reluctant Action Taker, Relentless Action Taker, and more.

The extra bonuses:

  • BONUS: Desire Parliament for Decision Making (advanced strategy + case study) – Learn how to use your motives and desires to make better decisions, especially decisions you feel conflicted over or unsure about.
  • BONUS: The Chariot Strategy for Goal Achievement (advanced strategy + case study) – Learn how to use your motives and desires to effortlessly pull you towards achieving the goals you set for yourself, no matter how difficult or impossible your goals might seem.
  • BONUS: Body-Readiness for Behavioral Change (advanced strategy + case study) – Learn how to use the states of Body-Readiness to modify your unwanted behavior in certain situations or environments, or around certain people.
  • BONUS: Further Questions for Self-Reflection – Dive deep into your results with self-reflection questions created by certified ontological coaches.